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Goals and Strategy

The strategic intention of the company is to be leader among providers of bulk cargo and agricultural services, ensuring improving of image and increasing self-confidence of its customers. The mission of Djili Soy SP is the answer of the question: Why do we offer transport services of quality?
The answer includes the following rather than obtaining profit only:

  • Service meeting the need of the company’s counterparts;
  • Safe services;
  • Development and prosperity of our counterparts, ensuring them potential sales;
  • Feedback from our customers regarding the quality of the service, which is important part of the activity of the company;
  • Responsibility before our business counterparts;
  • Clear and precise decisions with taking over risks, if necessary;
  • Capability to appreciate employees of the company;
  • Pursuit of achieving the best in transport and agricultural activities;
  • Requirement for high return of capital
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies for each of the offered services